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Advanced Settings


Introduced with HOLOPHONIX 2.0, you can now control if you want to show simplified settings or advanced settings.

When advanced settings are activated, you will see more options in the Inspector (in sources, bus, and speakers parameters) and in the Preferences.

This option only controls the display of settings. Therefore, if you apply advanced settings to a parameter and then go back to Standard Settings, the parameter will keep its advanced setting.

Choose the element to be displayed in the inspector with one of the following options:

  • Use the dropdown menu
  • Use the search bar to find objects by their Name or OSC Address
  • Select the objects in the Venue, Mixer or Overview
  • Use the navigation arrows to select the previous or the next element in the inspector's list
  • You can select multiple elements by maintaining the Shift key pressed.

Window Management

HOLOPHONIX 2.0 introduced floating windows. The Venue, Mixer, Overview, Routing, Group, and Preferences windows can all be accessed via the Window menu of the options bar.

Quick Help

The quick help displays information about any parameter of your preset when pointing the mouse cursor at it. When available, the OSC command of the parameter will be shown.

Logs Warning

Whenever some information is printed in the logs (due to an error or a wrong configuration), the logs warning icon will turn red. Click on it to display the logs and learn more about the error.