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HOLOPHONIX integrates a multichannel equalizer available every audio objects (sources, direct-routings, spatialization bus, reverbs, speakers, as well as on the LFE and the monitoring buses).

General Parameters

The equalizer includes:

  • A global Bypass function that disables the equalizer,
  • An interactive EQ visualization,
  • Copy and Paste functions,
  • A Reset option to reset all the filters simultaneously.

The Global Gain adjusts the general equalizer level between −20 dB and +20 dB. It can be used to balance any global level change caused by the filters.

Band Parameters

The HOLOPHONIX Equalizer has eight fully adjustable bands including:

  • 4 Parametric filters (second order),
  • High-Cut and Low-Cut filters (Butterworth type),
  • High Shelf and Low Shelf filters.

Each band can be individually activated or bypassed with the ON button.

The Gain and Frequency of each filter can be adjusted by moving the corresponding color dot, in the interactive display section of the equalizer. Change the Q Factor by maintaining the shift key and sliding the mouse up or down on the desired color dot.

The Gain of the parametric and shelf filters ranges from −30 dB to +30 dB. Their Q Factor ranges from 0.25 (the widest) to 100 (the narrowest). The high-pass and low-pass filters' order can be set to any even number from 2 to 20. All frequencies range from 30 Hz to 22 kHz.