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The new HOLOPHONIX 2.1 Update features among other improvements a new 3D-native computation of gains and delays for the WFS algorithm, a new ‘Minimal Delay’ mode, and a new parameter called LSO (Large Stage Optimizer) designed to optimize intelligibility for spectators sitting in the very first rows.

Backup your Presets

We always recommend making a backup of your projects and presets before updating HOLOPHONIX and opening them with the new version.

Contact user support if you need help on backing up your HOLOPHONIX Projects.

  • Added macOS Ventura compatibility for HOLOPHONIX Native
  • Added a unified .hol preset format. Opening a legacy project with 2.1.0 will automatically convert old file format to the new file format.
  • Added a /get "/osc/parameter/to/get" OSC command, replacing the old /dump "/osc/parameter/to/get", to get the status of an OSC parameter
  • Added new contextual options from the right-click menu in the venue, such as "create group from selection"
  • Improved the Add Bus interface with new options such as:
    • "Create Bus from Speaker Group" which automatically sets the number of channels for the bus, and automatically assigns the Speakers to the bus.
    • HOA Order is now automatically computed depending on the number of channels.
  • Improved the floating windows display
  • Improved the Menus of the Options bar
  • Improved the toggles in the inspector with multiselections: when the objects have different states, the toggle is bicolor
  • Improved presets loading for better performance, better handling of legacy presets
  • Improved optimizations for the Apple Silicon processors

Audio Engine

  • Added a "Minimal Delay" mode for the WFS
  • Added a Large Stage Optimisaion (LSO) for front fills, to compensate directivity issues encounter with stages that are more than 20 meters long.
  • Added DSP Usurp option in Parameters (activated by default and saved in persistent Data)
  • Added 'None' devices in list of audio devices
  • Fixed an issue where the bus delay was not applied to the reverberation bus.


  • Added Speaker Groups
  • Added Sources Groups
Breaking Change

The new Source Groups are not compatible with previous version Groups. Contact User Support if you need help adapting your presets.


  • Added Click and Drag routing for quicker operation
  • Added Diagonal routing when maintaining the Shift key


  • Fixed an issue with speaker routing: orientation and position in bus with linked to speaker were not updated when 'linked to speaker' was ON
  • Fixed an issue where reverb slave gains are ON at creation
  • Fixed an issue with speaker routing : When deleting speaker, speaker routing related to this speaker is not deleted
  • Fixed an issue where speaker disappeared if in aed = 0 0 1 when saving a preset
  • Fixed all console.error crash
  • Fixed an issue with speaker OSC position that didn't work with aed / xyz
  • Fixed an issue with phantom speaker that caused errors when toggling twice linked to speaker
  • Fixed an issue with external OSC Input port not updating
  • Fixed an issue with external OSC Input port not binding after second project load
  • Fixed an issue where Native would disconnect after the computer went to sleep mode
  • Fixed an issue where user preferences were not saved when shutting down a Processor
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't set the Encoder Typpe to Method2 for EigenMike source
  • Fixed an issue with venue grid where mesh particles did not totally disappear when opacity is at 0
  • Fixed an issue where advanced reverb parameters for Multichannel sources not supported
  • Fixed an issue in the Overview where name editing was not disabled when an object was locked
  • Fixed an issue with the Routing Test Generator where the bottom navigation bar disappeared after resizing the window
  • Fixed an issue where bus with 'linked to speaker' ON were not updated if speaker position were changed in the inspector
  • Fixed LicenseAPI : missing API Error Logs in HOLOPHONIX log file
  • Fixed an issue where Docked Inspector resize would disappear when too big
  • Fixed the issue "HOA 2D Method 'Not Found'" at creation
  • Fixed an issue with the inspector’s Transform Selection tool that couldn’t apply twice the same offset on the same parameter
  • Fixed an OSC Input Crash when wrong header
  • Fixed an issue where after too important zoom, camera takes lot of time to come to the position asked
  • Fixed a Speaker Routing UI bug
  • Fixed Visibility Layers's Auto Scroll when working with many custom layers