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Version: 2.0

Project Setup

Use the Project Manager window to create, import, export, delete or rename projects directly from the web remote interface.

Projects are folders that can contain:

  • Presets
  • Venue map or 3D model
  • Sets of HRTF files for binaural
  • SDIF files for WFS (legacy)
  • the following settings:
    • Audio settings (buffer size, sample rate, and audio device on Native)
    • Open Sound Control (OSC) settings
    • Misc settings (VU-meters rate and OSC Mouse Rate)
    • Venue map or 3D model settings
    • Default startup preset

With HOLOPHONIX Native & HOLOPHONIX Designer, the project folders are stored in the following directory:

/Users/user/Documents/HOLOPHONIX Projects

Import 2D or 3D model of your venue

Your project is ready to go. You can choose to use the provided grid to help you position your virtual objects. If you own 2D drawings or 3D model files of your venue, you can import them to get a more realistic reference when positioning your objects.

See the Venue Parameters chapter.