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Version: 2.0


The overview displays at a glance all the main parameters of your Inputs, Sources, Busses, Speakers and Outputs. It is especially useful to configure a preset, modify the coordinates of all speakers easily, change I/O names, etc.

Use the four bottom tabs to navigate between the overview of the Inputs, the Sources, the Buses, the Speakers and Outputs.

Adding or Deleting a Source, Bus or Speaker

To add a Source, a Bus or a Speaker to the preset, select the Source or the Bus tab, then click on the 'Add' button.

To delete an item, reset, select it in the overview list and click on the 'Delete' icon.

Options Bar

Show Toolbar

The toolbar of the Overview allows customizing the display of the table.


The 'Columns' popup menu allows choosing what parameters are displayed. Those settings are saved in your web browser, and will be automatically applied when reopening the web interface.


With the 'Filters' popup menu, you can access advanced filtering options to only display the elements that correspond specific criteria for the Name, Format, or OSC Address of the objects.


From this menu, you can set the height of the rows.