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Version: 2.0

Interface Introduction

You can access the control interface of HOLOPHONIX by connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse directly to the processor. But the most convinient way is to use the web remote, which can be accessed with a Chrome-Based web browser.

Connecting to the interface

We recommend using you web browser in 'Private Browsing' mode (also name 'InPrivate' or 'Incognito' mode).

To connect to the interface, simply type holophonix.local/

Compatible browsers

HOLOPHONIX is compatible with Chrome-Based web browsers. The following have been tested:


View Selection

new in holophonix 2.0

The different Views are now accessible from the "Window" drop-down menu of the Options Bar.

Quick Help

The quick help bar displays informations on any parameter of your preset, when pointing the mouse cursor at it. When available, the OSC command of the parameter will be shown.