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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I type "holophonix.local:4748" my browser displays the interface of an other hardware.

This means that an other hardware has the same IP adress as your processor. Make sure that every device on your network has a different IP adress.

Q. The first «network status» dot is red in the Options bar

This means that the connection is broken between the Web interface and the station. Check the connection to the IT network and the connection of the HOLOPHONIX station.

Q. I can regularly hear audio cuts and crackles

Try to raise the buffer size in the Audio Preferences. You can also try to remove some spatialization busses or virtual source, to save CPU resources.

Q. How can I move a source dynamically?

You can use our HOLOSCORE plugin with any major DAW, or some show control applications compatible with OSC, like QLab.

Q. There is no audio, or I only hear the first reflections when I use an algorithm

In the case of a VBAP, VBIP, or LBAP bus, check that the speakers are correctly positioned: they must be around the center (reference point). It is not possible to use these algorithms with speakers placed on a line.

Q. Why is it impossible to use the VBAP algorithm in a linear geometric configuration?

VBAP only works when speakers are positioned around the reference point marked with a cross at the center of your venue’s visualisation. Please ensure you use front and Surround speakers. You can add Loudpseakers connected to no audio output to help you get the right speaker setup for the algorithm.

Q. Why is there no VU Meter displayed next to my object in the Venue?

If no input or output is routed to the Source or Speaker, then no VU-Meter is displayed alongside the object. Check your input and output routings.

Known Issues

Issues with bluetooth headsets on HOLOPHONIX Native (such as AirPods)

HOLOPHONIX may not work properly with some Bluetooth devices. This is due to the sample rate they use, which may not correspond to the values accepted by HOLOPHONIX. In this case, check the sample rate used by your device, in the Audio and MIDI Configuration app.

If you have already tried to use your device on HOLOPHONIX, it may be that it is blocked from loading. To unlock it, start by disconnecting your Bluetooth device from your computer, then delete the file located at the following path: /Users/username/Library/Application/Support/holophonix/holophonixSettings.json. You can then open HOLOPHONIX Native again.