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Inspector Settings

Output EQ

The inspector header displays the EQ of the output to which the Speaker is connected.


The EQ is associated to the Output and not to the Speaker. Therefore, when connecting the Speaker to another output, another EQ will be displayed in the inspector.

3D Parameters


Move or position the Speakers directly in the Venue, or by entering its coordinates in the Inspector, or in the Overview. Two coordinate systems are available: see Coordinates Systems for more detail.


The orientation parameters only set the display of the 3D model. See the 3D orientation section of the coordinate system page for more details.


When using the WFS, the orientation of the loudspeakers is taken into account. Please check the orientation of your loudspeakers when setting up a WFS bus.

Advanced Settings

3D File

The 3D model of the Speakers can be changed to help identify them in the Venue.

3D Scale

The individual display size of each Speaker can be adjusted with the 3D Scale factor. When the scale is set at 2, the displayed size will be twice as big.