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The stereophonic buses included in HOLOPHONIX allow you to explore stereo in a more extensive way than the tools traditionally supplied by mixing desks.

Stereo buses can be used to feed a stereo pair of loudspeakers, or, for example, to record an automatic down mix of the FOH mix.

Stereo AB and XY simulate the sound capture that would have provided the selected type of microphone pair. They offer a reproduction of the sound field that feels more natural than standard stereo panning techniques.

Stereo AB

By default, the Stereo AB simulates a pair of cardioid microphones, with a space of 17 cm between the microphone capsules, and an angle of 110°.

However, you can now adjust the orientation (Mic Angle), spacing (Mic Spacing) and directivity (Mic Cardioicity) of the microphone.

Stereo XY

Stereo XY simulates a pair of coincident cardioid microphones, with an angle of 90° between them.

Stereo Pan

Stereo Pan offers all the usual panning laws, calculated according to sin/cos or square root laws, with center attenuation of -3dB (to compensate acoustic power summation), -6dB (mono summation) and -4.5dB (intermediate value). PMAP (Perceptually Motivated Amplitude Panning) is based on perceptive models, and was designed to offer good results in applications needing an accurate match between targeted and perceived positions.