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The new HOLOPHONIX 2.1 Update features among other improvements a new 3D-native computation of gains and delays for the WFS algorithm, a new ‘Minimal Delay’ mode, and a new parameter called LSO (Large Stage Optimizer) designed to optimize intelligibility for spectators sitting in the very first rows.

Backup your Presets

We always recommend making a backup of your projects and presets before updating HOLOPHONIX and opening them with the new version.

Contact user support if you need help on backing up your HOLOPHONIX Projects.

  • Added "head orientation" fields for Binaural buses
  • Added speakers orientation (pan, tilt) in Speakers Parameters for WFS buses
  • Improved file naming security by adding more forbidden characters (Preset and Project names)
  • Improved log file size, increased to 10Mb
  • Improved the file loading timeout, increased to 1 minute
  • Fixed an issue with Project creation
  • Fixed an issue with license I.D. entered in lowercase causing issues offline
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip for custom camera views
  • Fixed the display of "Use HOLOSCORE Plugin" and "Use Usurp" buttons
  • Fixed an issue on Native with audio device: when "No Device" was selected, any other device would disappear from the audio device list
  • Fixed an issue with Ambisonics sources and Direct to Master sources
  • Fixed an issue with speakers orientation in WFS: without "linked to speakers" activated, the speakers orientation was reset to "auto" in the WFS bus
  • Fixed an issue when editing bus names in the Overview window
  • Fixed the camera view not being updated with keyboard shortcuts or menu items
  • Fixed the camera "Top" view shortcut not working without numpad