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Welcome to 2.0. Some key features of the software have changed place, and here is a quick summary of where to find them.


The "What's New in HOLOPHONIX 2.0" video is coming soon to our Youtube channel.

HOLOPHONIX 2.0.0 introduces a fully merged local and remote interface, allowing the managing of projects and network settings from the remote interface. It also proposes a new audio routing architecture now dissociating speakers from outputs. HOLOPHONIX now has a licensing system.


Make sure to create a Backup of your old projects before opening them with the new HOLOPHONIX version.

Contact user support if you need help on backing up your HOLOPHONIX Projects.

Audio Engine


  • Added a full refactoring of the WFS algorithm, to achieve better performances and to allow for 3D arrays of speakers with WFS.
  • Added WFS now take into account the orientation of the speakers for the rendering. This allows to automatically discriminate between speakers used for immersive sound and for reinforcement of front system.

Stereo AB

  • Added new parameters for Stereo AB Bus: you can now edit the directivity, orientation and distance between the microphones.


  • Added a Dynamics processor (compressor and expander) for sources, buses and master channels (master, LFE, monitoring).

User Interface

The user interface design was improved for a more user-friendly experience on HOLOPHONIX Native and Processors.

  • Added a full merge of local and remote interfaces
  • Added a quick display of logs in Main View.
  • Added a "Standard Settings" and "Advanced Settings" mode to show only the most relevant settings in standard mode.


  • Added better performance of the graphical interface.


  • Added a project manager window to load, unload, import, export, rename, delete projects located in ~/Documents/HOLOPHONIX Projects from local as well as from remote.


  • Added a preset manager window to load, unload, import, export, rename, delete presets of current working projects from a local connection as well as from the web remote.
  • Added the Samplerate value is now stored directly in the presets.
  • Improved the download process of Presets, preventing them from failing.


  • Added speakers are now dissociated from outputs to solve. This will allow better compatibility between Native, Designer and hardware HOLOPHONIX versions.

You can now create speaker by right-clicking in 3D Venue or by going to Overview/Speaker

The association between buses and speakers are available in Speaker/Routing

You can now create as many speakers objects as needed without losing outputs streams, this will facilitate certain techniques as phantom speakers or others.

External OSC

  • Added OSC messages for touch when a source is grab and moved in 3D Venue.
  • Added an editable filtering for external OSC, allowing to filter choose OSC messages from being sent via external OSC.


  • Added support for ADM-OSC input stream.
  • Added possibility to associate an HOLOPHONIX source to an ADM Object ID in the Inspector/3D Parameters.
  • Added an ADM Scale value in Setup/OSC to control the global scaling of input ADM OSC Stream.
  • Added a number of GUI associated messages to external stream, see list below.

Touch message example with a mono source :

  • /track/[index]/azim/touch
  • /track/[index]/elev/touch
  • /track/[index]/dist/touch

Filtering message example:

  • elev Osc messages including this elev keyword will be discarded from the OSC stream.


  • Added a blinking effect in 3D Venue if a source is linked to an HOLOPHONIX Plugin.
  • Improved maximal distance of sources to fit better with actual venue sizes.
  • Improved automation write and read performance in relation to HOLOPHONIX Station.
  • Improved prevent showing azim, elev, dist sliders when a bus is selected.

Venue 3D View

  • Added a display of Mic Tree's microphone arrays in 3D Venue.
  • Added a display of Stereo AB's microphone array in 3D Venue.
  • Improved shadow option for certain types of 3D Models.
  • Added a refactoring of the Camera in the 3D Venue, allowing for better performances and transitioning camera movements. Add a new option to choose between Othographic and Perspective Camera.

Mixer View

  • Added a collaspable panel for the Monitoring, LFE and Master bus.
  • Added shortcuts to move between tracks pages with.
  • Ctrl + Shift + or on macOS
  • Ctrl + Alt + or on Windows

Audio Device

  • Added selectable audio input and output interfaces (HOLOPHONIX Native Only).
  • Added display of input and output latency.


  • Added a licensing system that can be seen in Window > Preferences > Licensing.


  • Added manual controls for head rotation on binaural busses.