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Version: 1.8.0

Mono Source

Mono sources are virtual sources. They can be positioned anywhere around the audience.

3D Parameters


Move or position the source directly in the 3D VENUE, or by entering its coordinates. Two coordinates systems are available: carthesian (x,y,z) or navigational (a,e,d). See Coordinates Systems.

3D File

Like for loudspeakers, the 3D model of the source can be changed to help identifying it in the 3D VENUE.

3D Scale

The individual display size of each source can be adjusted with the 3D SCALE factor. When the scale is set at 2, the displayed size will be twice as big.

Along with changing the source color, it can help you identify sources more easily in the 3D VENUE.

Don't forget that you can adjust the size of all objects from the 3D VENUE object size dial in the options bar.


The porientation parameters only set the display of the 3D model. It has not impact over sound.

See the 3D orientation section of the coordinates system page.

Acoustics & Reverb

This group of parameters is dedicated to the acoustic simulation of the source sound propagation.


Activate this option to simulate the doppler effect when a source is moved, causing a pitch change.


Activate this option to simulate the air absorbtion filtering with distance.


Activate this option to inverts the signal's phase.


Use the delay to manually time-align virtual sources.

Use the Slaveoption to automatically adjust the delay value depending on the distance between the source and the center of the coordinates system.

Direct, Early, and Reverb

Check the Virtual source reverb settings for more information on source reverb settings.