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Version: 1.8.0

Microphone Tree Stream

Use a Mic Tree source for an audio stream (coming from a microphone tree or multichannel content) that doesn't need to be dynamically moved or reverberated.

Mic Tree sources are very similar to multichannel sources: they are composed of multiple mono sources. Even though they share some caracteristics of virtual sources, Mic Tree sources are considered as "audio stream" type of sources, for the following reasons:

  • Mic Tree sources cannot be moved in the 3D Venue. Only the layout of the individual sources can be edited from the Mic Tree Layout window.
  • They do not offer any acoustic simulation or reverberation parameters. This allows saving some processing resources when those features are not needed. If you need those functionalities, use a multichannel source instead.

Mic Tree Parameters

Multichannel parameters window

Use this window to set the position of every channel composing the object. Both navigational and Cartesian coordinate systems are available.

Use the Copy and Paste functions to copy a specific layout to another Mic Tree object.


The first column indicates the INPUT channel that is connected to the Mic Tree channels.

Gain & Delay correction

Each channel can be individually adjusted with both gain and delay. Unlike the multichannel sources, they do not offer an automatic delay and gain correction.