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Version: 1.8.0

Eigenmike® Stream

Eigenmike sources allow inputting to HOLOPHONIX the direct output stream of the HOA microphone "Eigenmike® EM-32" from MH Acoustics.

Check the section below for parameters explanation.

If you allready transcoded your Eigenmike recording to standard HOA stream, use an HOA Stream source to input the signal to HOLOPHONIX. Eigenmike sources are only intended to receive the 32-channel direct output of the microphone.

Because Eigenmike and Zylia are 'audio stream' type of sources (that has no spatial position), they are not associated with an object in the 3D VENUE view.

Audio Parameters

All parameters are similar for all sources except for the parameters below. Check the sources 'Audio Parameters' section.


The Reverb level sends the W omnidirectional channel of the Ambisonic stream to the reverberation bus. There is no early and cluster simulation for Ambisonic sources.

Eigenmike® Parameters


Choose between the four HOA encoding methods. Each method corresponds to various techniques from the latest developments in scientific works concerning this specific task of transcoding audio signals coming from a microphone array, to a Higher Order Ambisonics stream.

We recommend using Method 3.


The regularization parameter aims at adapting the dynamics of the filters used to encode the microphone array to HOA. Changing its value will have an effect on the ratio between, on one hand, the precision of the localization, and on the other hand, the tone and timber quality, as well as the signal-to-noise ratio.

When changing the value, new filters will be computed. It requires a small calculation time.

This setting is on only available for Method 1 and Method 3.


The orientation of the B-Format stream can be adjusted with Yaw, Pitch, Roll, to rotate the entire audio scene. See rotation angles.

HOA Orders

Use HOA Order to decrease the contribution of the components of each order in the encoded HOA stream.