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Version: 1.8.0

B-Format Stream

B-format sources allow inputting 1st order Ambisonics streams to HOLOPHONIX in virtually any formats.

Configure the B-Format source to match the characteristics of the input stream with the B-Format section of the source inspector page.

Because it is an 'audio stream' type of source (that has no spatial position), it is not associated with an object in the 3D VENUE view.


To input a Higher Order Ambisonic stream, use an HOA Stream source or a Direct-to-Bus source.

Audio Parameters

All parameters are similar for all sources except for the parameters below. Check the sources Audio Parameters section.


The Reverb level sends the W omnidirectional channel of the Ambisonic stream to the reverberation bus. There is no early and cluster simulation for Ambisonic sources.

B-Format Parameters

For AmbiX B-Format streams, choose ACN sorting and SN3D normalization.


Select the sorting (or "channels ordering") of your B-Format incoming stream, between the standards listed below. Choosing the wrong sorting will cause incoherent levels and localization.

  • ACN (wyzx)
  • FMH (wxyz)


Select the normalization matching with your B-Format Stream from one of the standards listed below. Choosing the wrong normalization will cause incoherent levels, distorted localisation, and can result in signal saturation.

  • FuMa
  • MaxN
  • SN3D


The convention sets the orientation of the x-axis to the front or to the right. This adaptation equivalent to a 90° Yaw rotation.

  • Classic where x is in front, is the most common convention.
  • Spat where x on the right, is the convention used in Ircam's tools.


The orientation of the B-Format stream can be adjusted with Yaw, Pitch, Roll, to rotate the entire audio scene. See rotation angles.