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Version: 1.8.0


From this view you can access the routing matrix and the Test Signal Generator for Speakers and Inputs.


Click on the 'Clear' button to delete all routings from the active tabs.

Be careful, this action cannot be canceled with the Undo/Redo function at the moment.


Use this tab to assign an audio input to a Source or a Direct Routing. An input can be assigned to multiple sources, and a source can receive audio from multiple inputs.


Choose the 'Bus' tab to assign a Source to a Spatialization Algorithm Bus, with the following conditions:

  • Each source can be assigned to a maximum of 6 buses,
  • Ambisonics sources (A-Format, B-Format, HOA Stream, etc.) can only be assigned to 3D HOA buses,
  • A Direct-to-Bus source can only be assigned to a bus if they both share the same number of channels.


Select 'Output' to assign Spatialization Algorithm Buses, LFE, and Monitoring buses to audio outputs. Each output is associated with a Speaker. An audio output can be used by multiple bus at the same time.

When you assign a bus output to a loudspeaker, the processor will automatically transmit the speaker’s position to the algorithm that will adjust its calculations accordingly.

Make sure to assign the bus outputs to speakers that respect the appropriate layout considering the type of bus you are using. Refer to the appropriate algorithm page.

Test Generator

This convenient test signal generator (pink noise) can be used to check your inputs and outputs (Speakers).


Sets the level of the pink noise.

Channel selection

Use the channel drop-down menu to select on which input/output the test signal will be routed.

You can use the left and right arrows to route the signal to the next input/output.

An automatic switching option is available. Just choose the first and last inputs/outputs to be tested, set a timing and activate the automatic switching mode by clicking on the 'Auto' button.