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Version: 1.8.0


The Mixer displays the Sources, Busses, LFE and Monitoring Bus and the Master. They are ordered by their index number and by type of source.

Options Bar


Activate or deactivates the VU-meters display on the Mixer View.

Solo Clear

When a SOLO is active on one or multiple sources, the SOLO CLEAR will turn yellow. Click on it to disable any active solos.

Mixer Channel

On each mixer channel you can access to the SOLO, MUTE, LEVEL and VU-METER of any Source and Bus.

Double-click on a fader to set it back to zero.

The 'PRE' and 'POST' settings will change the metering option between pre-processing and post-spatialization.

To open the inspector page of an object, click on the two lines at the top of the mixer channel.

At the left of the navigation bar, you can reach directly to an element by clicking on its index.

From the right of the navigation bar, you can jump to a category of objects (such as mono sources, stereo sources, direct routings, buses...).

When clicking on the 'SELECT' button, the interface will automatically scroll to the source that is selected in the inspector. This can be useful when used with the search function of the inspector.