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Version: 1.8.0

Welcome to 1.8.0

HOLOPHONIX 1.8.0 introduces many interface changes, to improve workflow and user experience. This version is also packed with several bugfixes and performance improvements.

Quick Tour

Welcome to 1.8.0. Some key features of the software have changed place, and here is a quick summary of where to find them.


The "What's New in HOLOPHONIX 1.8.0" video is coming soon to our Youtube channel.

Where to find Views, Tabs and 3D Parameters


Feels familiar? Yes, this is a view of version 1.7.0. We realized that the interface was beginning to look crowded and we decided to reduce the amount of icons displayed by using brand new drop down menus. First, the tabs on the left side are now accessible in the new Windows drop down menu, as shown in the first image:


The Views (orientation of the 3D Venue Camera) are now accessible from the new Camera drop-down menu:


Finally, the 3D parameters icons are now stacked in the new Venue Parameters window.


New Draggable and Resizeable windows

One of the huge innovations of 1.8.0 is that you now have the freedom of positioning windows where you like them. You can have a maximum of two windows open at the same time : one is either the Inspector or the Venue Parameters, and the other can be any of the rest. Use the new arrow icons to either dock the windows, bring them fullscreen or free them.



If you want to see the Venue Parameters window, make sure to unselect every element (source or speaker) or else, only the Inspector window will show.

Import 3D models of your venue

If you have a 3D modelization of your venue in the .glb format, you can import it in the Venue Parameters window ! By default, we have included a 3D view of the Avignon’s Cour d’Honneur so that everyone can experience this new feature. You can hide it in the same menu by clicking the eye icon.

Also, feel free to try the new Light Theme Mode... It has proven useful under the sun of Avignon !



The majority of the changes concern the interface, with the major addition being the new support for 3D modelizations directly inside the 3D Venue.


Be sure to make a Backup of your old projects before opening them with the new HOLOPHONIX version

Contact user support if you need help on backing up your HOLOPHONIX Projects.


  • Added in depth refactoring of GUI code and libraries for better perfomance on local and remote interface.


  • Added Buffer Size is now stored directly in the presets.
  • Improved Preset name filter and special character rejection.
  • Fixed Loading issues with WFS presets or large HOA presets.

User Interface

The user interface design was improved for a more user-friendly experience. HOLOPHONIX 1.8 intrduces a refactoring of all display management to optimize workflow and visibility, with new menu bar organisation, floating windows, shortcuts and more.

  • Added floating windows above 3D Venue for all types of windows.
  • Added HOLOPHONIX documentation quick access Button on local and remote clients (internet connection required).
  • Added shorcuts for opening all types of windows.
  • Added shorcuts for navigating between tabs in Overview and Routing.
  • Added shorcuts to switch from windowed to full screen view for all types of windows.
  • Added a light theme.
  • Added an automated light theme version of the 2D Drawings.
  • Added an import button for all types of files (such as hrtf, sdif, presets, 2D drawings, 3D model)
  • Fixed the one way link between bus mute and reverb mute. Muting the bus will also mute the associated reverberation bus.
  • Improved store last overview or routing tab for better interactivity.
  • Fixed performance issues with devices when scaled display is activated.


  • Added the possibility to write mathematical formulas in any input of the Inspector.
  • Added a direct display of Buses list in the inspector.
  • Added a direct access to Master, Monitoring and LFE from the Inspector.
  • Improved the visualisation of the Inspector to be more compact and readable.
  • Improved renaming of parameters for better homogeneity and readability.
  • Fixed 'Spread' bypass button's name from 'Mute' to 'Bypass'.
  • Fixed inspector issues with certain types of folders.
  • Fixed 'Undo' on speaker transformation from Inspector.
  • Fixed WFS delay parameter displayed twice.
  • Fixed inspector selection bar arrow not working properly.
  • Fixed deleting an item from selection bar not working.

Example of mathematical syntax : type += 5 to offset any parameter by 5

3D Venue View

  • Added support for 3D Model of the Venue in .glb format.
  • Added a new Venue Parameters window with Grid, Scale, 2D Drawings, 3D Model parameters.
  • Added a shadow option to enhance perception of space.
  • Added a visualisation of the mute state of a source.
  • Added a visualisation of the lock state of a source.
  • Added shorcuts to recall camera positions.
  • Added an axis legend on the map.
  • Added prevent selection of locked sources and speakers with the multi-selection box tool.
  • Added a 'remove selected' in contextual right-click menu.
  • Added a 'arrange in line' in contextual right-click menu.
  • Improved the disposition and scale of all helpers (names, vu-meters, lock, mute, selection).
  • Improved rendering performances of the 3D Venue.
  • Improved camera rotation range.
  • Fixed display labels of multichannel tracks.
  • Fixed scaling of vu-meters.
  • Fixed selection helper not visible.
  • Fixed font issues when not connected to the internet.

Mixer View

  • Added a display for locked tracks and a button to lock/unlock them.
  • Added tracks width parameters.
  • Added an global pre/post vu-meters switch.
  • Improved the user experience with memory of last Mixer display.
  • Improved the rendering when scrolling.
  • Fixed bus faders not refreshing when receiving OSC instructions.
  • Fixed toggle buttons null value.
  • Fixed non-3D sources not showing.

Routing View

  • Added foldable bus channels in the 'Speakers Routing' tab.
  • Added a warning before clearing an exisiting routing.
  • Improved the user experience with memory of last Routing display.
  • Fixed the Test Generator auto mode.

Overview View

  • Added link Overview selection to Inspector selection.
  • Improved the user experience with memory of last Overview display.
  • Fixed interface issues when deletings objects or custom layers.
  • Fixed 'position' parameter display.
  • Fixed Eigenmike / Zylia error at creation.

Visibility Layers

  • Added custom layers in Mixer linked with the Visibility layer of the 3D Venue.
  • Added default layers for sources and buses (direct to bus, direct to master).
  • Improved rearrangement of sources in the Visibility Layers.


  • Improved the equalizer for all types of EQ (bus, source, speaker, reverb)
  • Improved naming, interaction and style of bus EQ in Inspector.

Log View

  • Fixed log display in the remote interface.
  • Fixed 'cannot read undefined' error when deleting source.
  • Fixed log error message 'cannot read ae of undefined' while loading a preset.


  • Added default position value on stage (1/3 of depth).
  • Added default acoustic parameters as follows : all slaves deactivated; early and reverb sends muted.
  • Added a 'Bus send' control (gain and mute) for each source in the Inspector.


  • Added visibility parameter of speaker in Speaker Overview and Inspector.


  • Added a control of the gain of the reverb in the Inspector.
  • Fixed reverb EQ.


  • Added a Windows installer.

Open Sound Control

  • Added refactoring of OSC bridge for better performance.
  • Added OSC rate limiter for mouse inputs.
  • Added control of speakers positions with OSC.
  • Fixed external OSC crash when creating source with 'xyz' mode.
  • Fixed an issue with external OSC, causing wrong values or no values in 'xyz' mode.

Speaker position is controlled via OSC either with cartesian coordinates:

  • /speaker/[index]/x
  • /speaker/[index]/y
  • /speaker/[index]/z

or with polar coordinates:

  • /speaker/[index]/azim
  • /speaker/[index]/elev
  • /speaker/[index]/dist


  • Added Display and possibility of selection of all available updates.
  • Fixed an issue with update codes.